🇪🇺 Today was an exciting day for the #convertyourfuture #ErasmusPlus project! 🌟
Pilot phase 1 has officially started thanks to Formative Footprint and CEOE Castilla Y León! 🎓
The trainers have just attended the first session to explain the project and illustrate the soft skills course. The mission? To prepare the ground for an exciting learning adventure that will transform the professional lives of the participating adults. 🌐
And there’s more! Participants showed an astonishing interest right from this first phase, underlining the urgency and necessity of such educational initiatives and tools in an ever-changing world.
Awareness of the growing importance of soft skills was strongly emphasised, as individuals recognise that they are key to navigating the modern professional landscape. 🛤️
Don’t stop there! Keep following the latest news and updates on the #convertyourfuture project at https://convertyourfuture.eu/

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