“SEED – School Emotional Education: The right practical way for teachers to teach emotional education in primary schools” is being implemented with success in its 4 months of its life so far. Following the successful first TPM in Spain, the groundwork has been created for effective interaction and involvement among partners based on the project’s objectives.
Emotional intelligence is an important factor in achieving the goals of education, which are to improve student performance and provide a safe and cooperative environment in the classroom. In this context, SEED project aims to give the most adequate resources to primary school teachers to allow them to improve the mental well-being of young primary school students through the use of modern, targeted activities and practices of EE and EI based on emotional intelligence, also connected to the European Framework “LifeComp”. The main idea upon which the project was developed is the need to cope with the emotional challenges that have affected children all over Europe especially after the COVID pandemic and the Russian invasion in Ukraine that has resulted in thousands of Ukrainian refugee children all across the EU. It’s important to remember that pupils who experience well-being can build and enjoy positive relationships with others and feel belonging to their school community, avoiding early schools leaving, violence, bullying and low academic performances.

The partners in the project:

Asociacion Deses-3 (Spain)
Leyla Atakan İlkokulu – İzmit (Turkey)
E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects (Greece)
Prof. Ivan Apostolov Private English Language (Bulgaria)
Viļakas vidusskola (Latvia)
Indepcie (Spain)
Dubysos aukštupio mokykla (Lithuania)

have asserted their commitment to the project objectives and to the attention to the best quality of the results.

The SEED Project’s Role in Strengthening Emotional Intelligence in Europe’s Primary Schools