Multiplier Event of the DIG-GSW project! 🇪🇺📣 We’re thrilled to share the success of our recent Multiplier Event, where local adult trainers, educators, and policy makers came together to celebrate the achievements of our Erasmus+ project titled “DIG-GSW”! Highlights of the day included engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and a fantastic showcase of the project’s Results: A Curriculum on GSW and the e-Learning Platform.
📊🔍 Our team had the honor of presenting the impactful outcomes that have emerged from our collaborative efforts during these past two years.🌱💡
The attendees delved deep into the concept of global social witnessing, exploring how they, as trainers, can become catalysts for positive change on a global scale. If you want to know more, visit our project’s website: #DIG-GSW #KA220 #ErasmusPlus #GlobalSocialWitnessing

Multiplier Event of the DIG-GSW project!