Empowering Educators through the PLAE Erasmus+ Project

We are thrilled to share the final version of the PLAE Methodology aimed at equipping teachers and educators with qualitative and inclusive educational tools to foster awareness and action on the SDGs among primary school pupils.

The PLAE Methodology includes a comprehensive description of a range of educational tools tailored for teachers and educators, including:

1. Research: The research findings have unveiled the top four specific SDGs that deeply resonate with our target groups: SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 7, and SDG 13. These goals have captured the keen interest and enthusiasm of our audience, indicating their strong commitment to making a positive impact in areas related to health, education, energy, and climate action.

2. Games and Activities: We’ve designed interactive and enjoyable games, namely Climate Change, Green Energy, Healthy Life, and Trash Hunters, that highlight the importance of the selected SDGs. Through these games, pupils not only grasp the concepts better but also cultivate empathy, critical thinking, and cooperation.

3. Lesson Plans: These comprehensive guides outline step-by-step instructions on how to introduce and teach the above SDGs in a manner suitable for young minds. They include age-appropriate content, discussion points, and group activities.

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Empowering Educators through the PLAE Erasmus+ Project