DIG-GSW project final Transnational Meeting 🇪🇺📣 We are thrilled to announce that the project’s partners met in Ventimiglia, Italy on 28th of August 2023 to discuss the finalization of the results and the upcoming multiplier events. They also had the opportunity to experience the refugee situation at the Italian-French border, which provided them with an improved awareness of the significance of the project’s implementation. 📚👨‍🏫 The 1st Result – Curriculum on Global Social Witnessing and the 2nd Result – e-Learning Platform that the partners of this #ErasmusPlus project are developing to provide trainers with novel tools and methods of Global Social Witnessing as a new potential educational concept for transformative learning will be freely accessible via the project’s website very soon. 🎯The aim of the #DIG-GSW project is to ensure that people will learn to attend global events thoughtfully and with embodied awareness, thereby becoming global citizens. If you want to know more, click on our Newsletter below! 👇 #DIG-GSW #KA220 #ErasmusPlus #GlobalSocialWitnessing

DIG-GSW project final Transnational Meeting