Did you know about SDGs 13 14 and 15?🇪🇺 🍃 Climate Action (SDG 13):. Our planet, our responsibility. Advocate for renewable energy adoption, reduce waste, and support policies that mitigate climate change. Every action counts in the fight to safeguard our planet for future generations. 🐟 Life Below Water (SDG 14): The ocean sustains life on Earth. Let’s conserve marine ecosystems, combat pollution, and protect aquatic biodiversity for a healthier planet. Get involved in beach cleanups, support sustainable fishing practices, and advocate for marine protected areas. 🐾🌳 Life on Land (SDG 15): Biodiversity is essential for life. Plant trees, engage in reforestation efforts, and support conservation initiatives. When we safeguard life on land, we safeguard our own future on Earth. ℹ Visit our website to learn more about the project: https://escape4sdgs.eu/ #Escape4SDGs #SDGs #EscapeRooms #Games #ErasmusPlus #KA220 Partners: SYnergia Portugal Scout Society İstanbul Üniversitesi-CerrahpaşaAsociación Arrabal-AID E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects

Did you know about SDGs 13 14 and 15?