Are you familiar with PhET?

Are you familiar with PhET? 📐🖥️ PhET is a freely available educational tool for the creation of interactive simulations. It aims to make learning subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics more interactive. 📹 The project partners will soon release instructional videos on how to utilize PhET and other similar educational tools, so keep eye out. 👀 Instagram: Website: #GIFTLED #STEAM #STEAMEducation, #AugmentedReality, #ErasmusPlus #ΚΑ220 #TeachingGiftedLearners #PhET #tools Are you familiar with PhET?

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Online Meeting for The Superhero Lab project

Online Meeting for The Superhero Lab project 🇪🇺 💻🧑‍💼On Friday, 19 April 2024, the consortium of the #TheSuperheroLab project conducted an online meeting to discuss progress done thus far. They are actively gathering best practices for teaching sustainability in kindergartens from teachers and teacher trainers around the EU. Ultimately, they will produce a Handbook containing 15 of these best practices.📕 The partners also had the opportunity to review the Superhero Lab Webinar: "Teaching Sustainability in Kindergartens", held on April 9th, 2024, which was a tremendous success. 🌐✨ Couldn't catch the action live? Don't worry! We've got you covered. 🎥 The links to our webinar are now available: - - 👉Follow the project news on our Facebook Group: #KA220 #SuperheroLab #ErasmusPlus #Sustainability #PreschoolEducation #STEM #kindergarten Online Meeting for The Superhero Lab project

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What’s STEAMinSDGs all about?

What's STEAMinSDGs all about? ❓Have you wondered what we're up to at STEAMinSDGs? We're on a mission to combine STEAM education with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), inspiring our students to become positive change agents. 💡 What's our goal? To provide students with an in-depth understanding of the relevance of the SDGs, while also improving their STEAM skills and inspiring them to take meaningful action. #STEAMinSDGs #STEAM #SDGs #EducationForAll #ErasmusPlus What’s STEAMinSDGs all about?

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Happy Earth Day!

🌍 Happy Earth Day! At E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects we believe and thus actively work to promote environmental education and sustainability through many of our #ErasmusPlus projects. 🍃 Today let’s shine some light on the impactful projects we're part of in an effort to raise awareness, encourage behaviour change and pave the path towards a greener future! • OSCAR • STEAMinSDGs • The Superhero Lab • FUTURE • Escape4SDGs • THINK CirEco • PLAE • INTERACTIVE GOALS • EArTH • PRISM • ClimateYouths 🌟 From empowering youth with the tools to tackle climate change to fostering innovation in sustainable practices, our projects are making a tangible difference in communities around the globe. 💡 🌳 💚 Click on the image to find out more about our projects and how to get involved! #EarthDay #Sustainability #EnvironmentalEducation #GreenSkills Happy Earth Day!

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Online Meeting for DigiAddictions

Online Meeting for DigiAddictions 🇪🇺 📢 Exciting news! 🚀 Today marks the kickoff of our journey with "DigiAddictions" - an Erasmus+ project aimed at encouraging young people to overcome digital addictions and develop healthier online habits! 💻🌟 Our core mission is to provide youth workers with the tools they need to prevent the misusage of technology among youth, while also increasing their understanding of digital competencies and their value in the labour market. It was a productive online session that laid the groundwork for collaboration and success. 💡 Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, resources, and opportunities to get involved. #DigiAddictions #ErasmusPlus #KA2 #DigiComp #DigitalEmpowerment #YouthWellbeing Online Meeting for DigiAddictions

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Global Progress on the SDGs

Global Progress on the SDGs 🇪🇺 Access more data and information on the indicators in the #Infographics SDG Progress Report 2023. A few years into the Agenda, we see how civil society, private sector, and governments are translating this shared vision into national development plans and strategies. Educate yourself by reading the Explainers on some of the thematic issues and the Facts Sheets below ⬇️ #Escape4SDGs #SDGs #EscapeRooms #Games #ErasmusPlus #KA220 #youth #Agenda2030 Partners: SYnergia Portugal Scout Society İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa Asociación Arrabal-AID E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects Global Progress on the SDGs

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AR Case Studies

AR Case Studies ⚡Do you want to learn how an Electrical Circuit works in a fun and interactive way? 📱📓 The project partners are creating some interesting AR cases for students to interact with and learn from. The AR cases will soon be freely available on our project's website, so keep an eye out! 👀 Instagram: Website: #GIFTLED #STEAM #STEAMEducation, #AugmentedReality, #ErasmusPlus #ΚΑ220 #TeachingGiftedLearners AR Case Studies

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Did you know that Digital technologies present enormous growth potential for Eu…

Did you know that 🤔 Digital technologies present enormous growth potential for Europe. 🥳 The European Commission is committed to creating a Europe ready for the digital age, ensuring that citizens, enterprises and administrations have and use new generations of technologies. The European Commission, through the Technical Support Tool, helps member states to make reforms to leverage the potential of digital growth 👍 Find out more about digitalisation and the European Commission here 👉 The Erasmus Future project helps companies and institutions in the process of digitalization. Click here for details 👉 We work with : EducPro Efektas Group ASEID Asociación para el Empleo, la Inclusión y el Desarrollo E-School Educational Group-Eu Projects #FUTURE; #FutureEdu; #ErasmusPlus

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The GiftLed Open Digital Platform (GODP)

The GiftLed Open Digital Platform (GODP) The project partners are currently working on the development of a new Open Digital Platform that will include: 🎓📘 Teacher's and Trainer's Handbbok on Learning-by-Design approach 📱📓 AR Case Studies tailored to gifted students' needs 📹📽️ Toolkit Introduction Videos (TIVs) on each digital and augmented reality application The #GIFTLED platform will be freely available to both teachers/trainers and learners in order to offer them with access to STEAM-related content, allowing gifted students to develop their skills and talents Keep up with the project by following the project on: Instagram: Website: #GIFTLED #STEAM #STEAMEducation, #AugmentedReality, #ErasmusPlus #ΚΑ220 #TeachingGiftedLearners #LearningByDesign The GiftLed Open Digital Platform (GODP)

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