5th newsletter for project PRISM

5th newsletter for project PRISM We are glad to announce that the fifth issue of the PRISM project’s newsletter has been published! This fifth newsletter provides a summary of the preceding six months’ activities and deliverables. #erasmus #KA2 #prism 5th newsletter for project PRISM

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Multiplier event for the AdultMisinfo project

Multiplier event for the #AdultMisinfo project On November 29th, 2022, E-SCHOOL held a public event to present the #AdultMisinfo project's Results! This innovative #Erasmus+ project that effectively addresses the issues of Fake News and Misinformation is nearing completion and the consortium had a fruitful cooperation towards achieving the project's concrete objectives. During the event, our guests, trainers, educators etc., were able to gain a deeper understanding of the partners' work and explore the e-Learning Platform, which comprises all of the training materials and activities produced over the project's lifecycle. After the concluding discussion, it can be noted that the guests were very interested in the initiative and believed that the #AdultMisinfo strategy can effectively help adults acquire the right information online. ℹ To access the e-Learning Platform and learn more visit the project's website: Multiplier event for the AdultMisinfo project

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2nd Newsletter of EMMW project

The 2nd Newsletter of our project Emotional Management for Migrant Women is now released! We have now succesfully completed the first stpes of the project and we are moving forward with the second project result! If you would like to follow the project results, visit our website, or social media pages #KA2 #KA220 #ERASMUS+ #EMMW 2nd Newsletter of EMMW project

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2nd Press Release

The 2nd Newsletter of the Erasmus Plus project " Digicomplex - The hybrid future of scholar education. The digital skills we need to cope with complexity " is ready. The partners met for the 2nd TPM in Portugal, in the beautiful city of Porto😍 Thanks to this meeting, we went ahead with the 1st project result and we were able to discuss all the essentials to continue developing the project successfully! #digicomplex #digitalcompetences #schooleducation #elearning #ErasmusPlus 2nd Press Release

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Looking back on the past year, we can recognize our accomplishments, celebrat…

🚩🚩 Looking back on the past year, we can recognize our accomplishments, celebrate our successes, and accept the potential that lies ahead of us! Not only we are excited for 2023, but we also see it as an opportunity to set new ambitious goals and invest in new, innovative, and inspired initiatives through collaborative efforts! 🚩🚩

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Final TPM of PRISM Project

Final TPM of PRISM On December 12, 2022, the final TPM of #PRISM took place in Skopje, North Macedonia! We are delighted that the PRISM project, which aimed to assist VET Trainers in redefining a sustainable sector based on Agriculture 4.0, has reached its conclusion! The VET open educational resource is now available and offered in six different languages (English, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Maltese and Polish). During our final meeting, we work on the project's final tasks with a focus on ways to further disseminate the project's results and ensure the project's sustainability. Finally, we would like to thank our project partners for their active involvement in the project: WYZSZA SZKOLA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU MECB LTD INSTITUTO SUPERIORE MINUTOLI FONDACIJA AGRO CENTAR ZA EDUKACIJA FACE STANDO LTD STOWARZYSZENIE ARID E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP #PRISM #ErasmusPlus #KA2 #Agriculture #Technology Final TPM of PRISM Project

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AR4EFL Project Status Update!

Project Status Update! The AR4EFL partners are happy to announce that the project's implementation is proceeding as planned! The Training Activities have already been completed, and they are currently finalizing the Teacher's Handbook and the App. Foreign language teachers would use these tools to modernize their teaching methods and foster an interactive learning environment, thus ensuring their students' engagement. #KA220 #AR4EFL #ErasmusPlus #AR AR4EFL Project Status Update!

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Adult Misinformation

The core of our project was the creation of teaching materials. All our project results are now available free of charge on our learning platform. Three modules cover the basics of fakenews, how we recognise them and how we can combat them. #fakenews #learning #Education #medialiteracy #misinformation #disinformation #socialmedia #erasmus #adultmisinfoAdult Misinformation

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Adult Misinformation

Everything comes to a conclusion. Our project too. From now on, our project results are publicly available on our learning platform. The module "SOCIAL MEDIA LITERACY CURRICULUM" contains a desk study on the situation around FakeNews in the partner countries Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Norway and Germany. #fakenews #education #disinformation #misinformation #training #learning #medialiteracy #socialmediaAdult Misinformation

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