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2nd Online Meeting of PRISM project

Today, the Project PRISM partners held their second online meeting, where they discussed the project's progress thus far, monitored the development of the IOs, and planned the next step in the project's dissemination. #EUprojects #Prism #KA2 #Agriculture4 2nd Online Meeting of PRISM project

2021-04-09T20:16:35+03:00Απρίλιος 9th, 2021|


The ID Games project is well under way. The project’s managers meet often, to ensure proper coordination and timely development of the subtasks. E-SCHOOL is honored to participate in the project. Today we had a very fruitful meeting in ID GAMES! We discussed all together: the findings of the research about existing serious games for people with intellectual disability the gaps in terms of serious games and activities the progress of the 2 digital games developed through the project the progress of the 2 tabletop games the idea of the 6th game about sexual education and prevent of sexual abuse and bulling the progress of the project’s E-course and platform Soon we will have a lot of material to test! Stay tuned … #IDGAMESEU #inclusion #intellectual_disability #erasmus #KA2 ID GAMES PROJECT ONLINE MEETING

2021-04-09T17:06:22+03:00Απρίλιος 9th, 2021|

3rd Online Meeting of TEMP

Today, the Transnational Education Mentoring Partnership (TEMP) held its third online meeting via digital means! We talked about important issues in our partnership and came to important conclusions about the Focus Group that took place a few weeks ago! Last but not least, this Online Meeting allowed us to reflect upon our future tasks and organize our Dissemination! #PHERECLOS #HORIZON2020 #Openschooling #STEM 3rd Online Meeting of TEMP

2021-04-07T17:17:54+03:00Απρίλιος 7th, 2021|

3rd TPM of SkillsUp project

On 26.03.2021 our Czech partner Talent Center International organized the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting. Due to covid the meeting was provided virtually and we have agreed on the next steps of the project. #softskills #skillsup #ErasmusPlus #erasmusproject #innovation #KA2 3rd TPM of SkillsUp project

2021-04-02T09:45:18+03:00Απρίλιος 2nd, 2021|


Check out the 4th Newsletter. Find out more about the ID GAMES Co-creation Workshops!!!! ID GAMES Workshops took place in partner countries. The consortium, despite all challenges due to the pandemic, managed to design and implement 4 workshops to create new game ideas. #idgames #ErasmusPlus #KA2 #EUprojects ID GAMES PROJECT4th NEWSLETTER

2021-04-01T09:33:37+03:00Απρίλιος 1st, 2021|

The 2nd Newsletter of the Transnational Education Mentoring Partnership (TEMP) i…

The 2nd Newsletter of the Transnational Education Mentoring Partnership (TEMP) is out! The month of March was dedicated to identify the opinions and needs of the educational professionals in terms of methodologies, resources, curricula, through surveys and online Focus Groups. Curious to learn more! https://www.euprojects.gr/en/2021/03/30/2nd-newsletter-of-temp/ #PHERECLOS #HORIZON2020 #Openschooling #STEM

2021-03-30T15:47:48+03:00Μάρτιος 30th, 2021|

1st Newsletter of ENGAGE project

*News Alert* The 1st Newletter of our project #Engage is now releashed! According to the European Union, the increased mobility between EU countries and the rising number of third country migrants and refugees coming to the EU in recent years have contributed to greater (linguistic) diversity in European classrooms. … Multilingual schools are not a new feature of Europe's diverse and complex linguistic landscape. This project promotes foreign language literacy with the use of ICT and improve the target groups' language skills. #ka2 #ErasmusPlus #Engage 1st Newsletter of ENGAGE project

2021-03-30T11:44:26+03:00Μάρτιος 30th, 2021|
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